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SKY Yoga - Exercises and Meditation (4 weeks; Limited Availability)

SKY Meditation Center, Bay Area (affiliated to THE WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTRE, INDIA)
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Endorsed by Curators:
Apr 14 7:30AM - 9:30AM

Give yourself the gift of Yoga and Meditation.Helps overcome stressand achieve health & clarity.

Feel the magic of experiencing your Life Energy.

Course Content:

  • SKY Yoga Exercises (FREE)
  • Basic Meditation Techniques; (Recommended voluntary fee Thirty dollars)
    • 3 initiation sessions with the Master to learn
      • Agna, - Meditation on Pituitary Gland
      • Mooladhar - Meditation at the base of the spine
      • Thuriyam - Meditation on Pineal Gland

Agenda & Schedule: (Saturday 7:30 am - 9:30 am for 4 weeks)

  1. Saturday April 14th - Exercises Part I; Initiation to Agna Meditation; Q&A
  2. Saturday April 21st - Exercises Part II; Initiation to Mooladhar (Shanthi); Q&A
  3. Saturday April 28th - Exercises Revision; Initiation to Thuriam Meditation; Discussion
  4. Saturday May 05th - Exercises Revision; Meditation Practice; Special Lecture

*** Daily Online Meditations to assist with daily practice

Eligibility: Ageshould be 14 years or above; We reserve the right to deny service to anyone per our assessment.

Fees: Yoga Exercises are taught for free. There is a voluntary $30 fee for learning the meditations. If any aspiring student cannot afford the fees indicated please call to discuss with a Master for arrangements. We have a policy of not leaving behind anyone on account of fees / money.

Where: Near Stocklmeir Elementary School and Ortega Park at Sunnyvale. Address will be sent through email or phone after registration

Led byqualified masters of Yoga / Meditation

For questions please contact Ari - 650-575-9633; Email:

PLEASE CALL or EMAIL mentioned above if the Registration is FULL.

About SKY Yoga:

Transform your life withHealth, Peace, Happiness & Prosperity through SKY Yoga for Students.

The SKY Yoga system includes:

  • - Simplified Physical Exercises for Health
  • - Meditation Practices for Inner Peace
  • - Kaya Kalpa Yoga for Anti Aging / strengthening Life Energy
  • - Introspection for Happiness or

Upcoming Events

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Kayakalpa Yoga @ Sunnyvale May 12, 2018 - Limited Availability

Kayakalpa Yoga @ Sunnyvale May 12, 2018 - Limited Availability

May 12 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Kayakalpa Yoga:3 minutes practice, a must for teenagers, singles, couples done with kids and couple taking break for next kid.A very effective results based yogic practice, though it takes just 3…