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Skills Workshop - New Twist on the Journey

Pen to Paper: Greater Portland Area Writers
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Oct 12 1:00PM - 3:00PM

If you've read Vogler's The Writers Journey, you may have felt the same way I did when it got to the part about the character arc. ...Huh? I felt like I an idiot who just wasn't getting it! But maybe it wasn't me...

I ran across a post called, "A new character-driven Heros Journey" over at and really enjoyed the writer's insight. Give it a read before the meeting, and we'll discuss our own insights on the topic. Don't be put off if you don't write "adventure" stories. The post author points out how this can be used even in more literary styles and I'd love hear in our discussion whether you agree or not.

As always, the remaining time will be for our non-critique sharing of our written delights!

How to find us:Downstairs! Large Table!

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