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Dec 02 8:00AM - 9:30AM


Hello members old and new, I hope this finds you well.

I just wanted inform everyone that all events will have a $1 charge, per member, (and $1 per guest), per event each person attends. Again, this is just per event that you attend, there is not "membership" charge or anything like that, each and every week.

Of course, the question you are probably asking is...."Why?", or, "Why now?" The reason is simple: While MEETUP is free for members such as yourself, it is NOT free for the organizer. MEETUP charges me around $75-80, not annually, but every 6 months, which is around $[masked] per year. Add in the usual $5 or so in gas that I spend getting to/from the events, (I don't keep them near me, as I try to keep them centrally located for everyone, and move them around to make them convenient/easy for everyone at least some of the time.), so altogether I'm spending around $400 a year to host the group, and that doesn't include time spent contacting vendors for when we do events like SUP, etc.
While I'm certainly not looking to make any money, (those of you who have come to the events, surely can attest to that, as I truly have enjoyed meeting and helping you all), I just can't keep going on and losing money to do it either, is all.
Keeping it simple here: Just show up with $1, a buck, (not looking for 4 quarters, as walking around w/a pocketful of change for a few miles surely isn't fun. lol), and certainly not setting up a Paypal account or anything like that, for such a minimal amount.
Thanks in advance for understanding, and hope to see you all real soon!!
YOUR Health and Wellness Coach

We will meet the NORTH pavilion, (address listed below), at the picnic tables. Just might want to bring some water as who knows what the weather will be like that day, (I'll update everyone later in the week, of course.) As of right now, it's looking in the 60's and warm and sunny!!!

Looking forward to seeing many of you......let's make it 10 peeps!! As always, feel free to bring a friend/family member!!

Upcoming Events

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Dec 31 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Due to your feedback and input from the group email recently sent out, we will have a few new walks scheduled just for the purpose of discussing the health and wellness program that I coach and…