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Secrets of the Yoni Egg: Monthly Gathering

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Nov 15 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Beautiful Woman,

Are you ready to be initiated into the secrets of the YONI EGG?

The egg is an ancient symbol for transformation all over the world, bringing the power of the earth inside of us. Stones in ancient Native American cultures carry the stories/ energy of our ancestors. Come learn the power of this egg meditation practice and how the egg teaches us to relate to OURSELVES and thus the world in more powerful ways. If you feel called, with a sense of YES inside your heart and your Yoni, join for our monthly gathering. (Women only)

Danielle is a mother, sacred sexuality educator, herbalist, and young girls mentor. Her passion for the yoni egg stems from her own journey of discovering and reclaiming of her body, her breath, her sexuality, her sensuality, and expression. Standing in her own power, sovereign being.


What you can expect:
1) Basic need to knows (size, type, weight, etc)
2) Benefits of practice
3)Demo and discussion of exercises

Beginners, Advanced Beginners, and Advanced are ALL encouraged to come, share, and experience something new. We all have something to share, inspire, or motivate. We all have different size, shapes, techniques to share. All is welcome. If you have an egg, bring it! If you don't, you will still get the benefit or you can purchase an egg to take home.


The Yoni Egg is a tool that facilitates full permission to be and feel all that moves you. The egg is like an anchor to reconnect with ourselves, honor ourselves and reawaken our sensuality. The Yoni egg will renew our strength and vitality as women. The yoni egg is a practice that will refine your senses, increase your capacity, experience greater pleasure and awaken your sex chi/energy that transforms you into a more radiant being.

The Yoni Egg is NOT a new fade but we are seeing a resurgence of this ancient Taoist tradition. The practice has been around for over 5,000 years. The practice of using stone eggs to strengthen the vagina is a practice that evolved in ancient China. This secret practice remained within the guarded walls of the royal palace; taught only to the Queen and concubines.

Join us! If you would like to purchase a egg before the gathering. Contact: [masked] or

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