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Secret of Natural Walking workshop

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Mar 20 9:00AM - 5:00PM

NATURAL WAY OF LIVING announces Secrets of Natural Walking Workshop in Houston.

Check out the cool intro video:

Learn how to awaken the natural healing functions of your body with every step you take!

Our human body is extraordinary with natural self healing functions, however many of us are not allowing this process to happen effectively. Meridians, the natural energy pathways of the body, when stimulated, can awaken the natural self-healing functions of the body. In reflexology, reflex zones of the body organs are on the feet that we use in walking every day. For proper natural healing we need to stimulate all of these body organs meridians and reflex zones often, which is precisely why we need to start walking properly.

Just as eating should not be about merely putting food into our mouths but more about a proper nutrition intake to stay healthy; walking should not be about merely moving our legs and feet to arrive at a destination. Walking should be done properly to allow natural and beneficial functions to be activated, giving not only physical health benefits but also mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Many people are still unaware that they can reap these benefits through proper walking.

Secrets to Natural Walking Workshops Participants of Secrets of Natural Walking (SONW) workshops will recognize for themselves how they have been limiting the bodys self-healing capability as well as impeding mental, emotional, and spiritual growth through improper walking. By recognizing and replacing improper walking with proper natural walking, SONW participants will be able to experience firsthand all of the benefits that proper natural walking offers.

For more info about the many benefits and testimonials check out:

Cost: $150 (discounts given to seniors/students in need, etc.)

What to bring: Please dress comfortably in either shorts, or not too baggy pants (so it is easier to see the shape of your legs). The workshop is very interactive :)

To secure a spot, a $50 deposit is required or call/text me[masked]

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