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Scale by the Bay [paid event]

TechConnectr's Big Data San Francisco
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Nov 15 7:00PM - 10:00PM


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ScaleBy theBay2017isnext month. Its thefifth year, and by this time it is recognized as one of the best technical conferences on software engineering in the world.

A few highlights about this year: Twitter is hostingagain. Apple is the top sponsor this year(more great sponsors are coming). Multiple sponsors doubled down, sending twice as many people.

Real-World Software Architectures panel

Functional Programming for Machine Learning panel

Microservices workshop with Istio, with Google, Lyft, and Starbucks

Unconference track you can still speak too!

Helena Edelson opens the conference, Carlos Guestrin, Amazon Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Washington, and Director of Machine Learning at Apple, keynotes Day 2, and Stephan Ewen, one of the founders of Apache Flink, delivers the last days keynote. The three main tracks are:

Functional Programming and Thoughtful Software Engineering

Reactive Microservices and Software Architectures

End-to-end Data Pipelines andFast Data for ML/AI

Some of the companies presenting: Apple, Twitter, Salesforce, Credit Karma, Lightbend, Netflix, Hortonworks, Oath, DataStax, LexisNexis, Starbucks, and many, many more.

Full schedule:

Most talks present a vision for end-to-end data pipelines with streaming, reactive systems, and real-time ML decisions. This is the time when our kinds of systems come to the fore of the industry. We have the best of the best practices thoroughly explained.

As is the key message throughout ourmeetups,AIis not relevant unless it is plugged into data pipelines--atscale, in real time. And that means bringing all the sound software engineering principles established in the craft over the decades, to bear onAImodels, their deployment, etc. Salesforce Einstein and IBM Watson are two such systems which we will discuss, and almost every company touches upon ML/AI-- with sensors, recommender systems, churn and fraud, and everything in between. Carlos Guestrin, the Director of Machine Learning at Apple, is keynoting Day 2, after Helena Edelson, the data engineering lead there, opens the Day 1. Our key theme is how you can make sure you can trust your ML -- through both thoughtful data engineering, reactive, resilient systems, and systematic examination of bias.

We present best practices for web-scale ML by the leaders from AWS, Salesforce Einstein, IBM, Intel, Stripe, and others. There's also a panel on Functional Programming for Machine Learning.

There are legendary happy hours, every single day. Whats in the works: fireside chats with the veterans of the industry. As always, well be sold out.Use the codeTechConnectr15to get 15% off all passes (including workshop packages) andreserve your seats.

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