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Saturday Meet up

Long Beach Volleyball
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Dec 02 8:00AM - 1:00PM

To join today you have RSVPd for a spot. If you have not you may be asked to wait for members who have RSVPd first. If we are at capacity you may not be able to join us today.

* If you are a beginner, prior to joining us you need to attend beginners class to ensure we keep games competitive.

Any walk by asking to join in; MUST to be referred to Organizer and / or host so that can be screened for groups protection.

If you bring the same guest every week kindly ask them to become a member.

* Total of 6 courts will be available for today and depending on levels and interest they may be altered. Below is norm set up:

3 courts for Intermediate / Advance games of 4s.

3 courts for Intermediate / Advance games of 2s.

Red Court = Game of 4s / Blue Courts = Game of 2s

* Sign on sheets are present on site & whoever signs first gets on the courts first.

* No simultaneous signing on both 2s and 4s list and no signing for a game while you are on the court in an existing game in progress.

* If you are by yourself and dont have a team: In the clipboard the teams will list all of their players. Look for gaps on the sign-up list: teams in the challenge queue who are missing their third or fourth player. Then ask one of the members of that team if you can join them. If you see no gaps sign your own name on the next available spot. Others coming in will sign next to you.

* If your team ends up winning, you can stay and defend your position 2 more times, but must leave the court after 3 wins, specially when all courts are packed. Check the clipboard and if no one is signed up you may continue. If your team comes in second, you are off the court and back to the clipboard to sign up again.

* The team coming in second place always leaves the court meaning if its the opposite teams third win, then both teams leave the court and two new teams come on the court that are signed up next on the clipboard.

* If you come in 2nd on a court, you are not allowed to proceed to another court without checking the clipboard first. You MUST come back to the clipboard for every time you want to challenge.

* If a member of your team leaves before you play three winning games you are automatically off and need to come back and sign again to play. (You cannot stay on the courts & recruit someone sitting along the court)

* No stacking of teams is allowed. If your team wins by more than average of 12 points, three consecutive games, upon signing up again to play you need to sign up with 2 different players. The purpose of this meet up is not to stack a team and win games all day, rather to have competitive close games.

* Before you serve, call the score loud and clear, wait for someone from opposite

team to acknowledge or dispute before serving. Once the serve is in play there is No going back to the score and disputing it. Before the serve make sure that every one on the opposite side is attentive and is in clear view.

* Call out you own faults, i.e. Net, Lift, illegal serve Etc.

* No open hand receives on serves and no sets that will result in your hands going below your shoulders or ball doing a complete circle.

* If there is a dispute on a particular play that is going to result in delaying the game or argument, replay the point to avoid confrontation.

** We follow Official Beach Volleyball Rules as set forth by FIVB.

Any questions, concerns or comments feel free to ask an Organizer / Co-Organizer at the Beach or message us.

We thank you in advance for making Long Beach Volleyball Meet up Group a drama free competitive group for all to join. See you on the sand. Cheers.


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