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Saturday First Aid/CPR/AED class August 12th 8:30 am

Dave Bresnahan
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Aug 12 8:30AM - 12:30PM

This class is open to anyone in the general public, with student discounts and discounts for non-profit group members with ID. Please check your e-mail before attending for important information, changes, weather, or other info.

PAYMENT IN ADVANCE:Save money and register in advance. The cost if paid online in advance is just $35 for the general public and only $25 for students, BSA leaders, or volunteers for other non-profits (bring I.D.). Save money when you pay in advance, and be sure you get a spot in this limited size class.

WHAT YOU GET:If you register and pay using this link you will receive a card, smart phone app, PDF manual, and training in Standard First Aid, Basic Life Support CPR, and A.E.D. You also receive e-mail reminders to help you remember your class and the location.

PAYMENT AT THE DOOR:Anyone who pays at the door may attend on aspace available basisand will pay the full price of $50if space is available. If you do not register in advance you will risk the possibility that there is no room in the class.

REFUNDS- Your payment reserves your seat, date, and time. If you fail to show up there will be no refund. You may schedule a make up if you miss the class.

MAKEUPS - If you miss your scheduled and reserved class for which you paid, you make take a makeup class anytime a class is available within 60 days. Your payment will be credited towards the makeup, with a $10 rescheduling fee.

PAYMENT IS FOR CPR:Payment is for the CPR portion of the training. First Aid and AED training are offered as an option and are provided at no extra charge to those who pay for CPR.YES the EVENTBRITE service chargeis added to the fee which goes to EventBrite for their services. Sorry, but that's their charge for using this online system.

ARRIVE ON TIME:Please arrive ON TIME. There will be one break. You may bring snacks and drinks to the class. The class begins with CPR, then AED, and ends with First Aid. You may leave when you have the portion you need. If you arrive late you are welcome to stay for the class, but you will not receive certification for the portion you miss. You have the option to return within 60 days for a make up (see above).

OPTIONAL EXTRAS:You may purchase a CPR shield on a keychain for just $5 at the class. Hardcopy manual is $15.

DIRECTIONS:Click on the map on this site, orUSE GPSto find us!PARK in the SLCC NORTH parking lot.Look to the south and you will see three buildings. We are in the middle one with the 9690 over the door. You will see Coporate Partnership Center and Rocky Mountain Power on the wall of the building. You will see signs for our class at the north entrance with 9690 over the door. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Follow signs to the classroom.Please BE ON TIME.

CERTIFICATION:The class uses the latest standads of the Red Cross, Heart Association, OSHA, and the International Consensus Guidelines on cardiopulmonary resucitation (CPR) and emergency cardiac care (ECC). You will receive a card immediately at the end of the class to take with you which will expire in 2 years.To receive a card you must be physically capable of performing CPR on a manequin placed on the floor, and you must be present for the full class time to qualify, based on INSTRUCTOR ASSESSMENT.

QUESTIONS?Call or text instructor Dave Bresnahan, EMT 801-562-5362 or email

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