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Saturday 7 AM EASY HIKE 3-miler - Calico Basin

The Las Vegas Walking, Hiking & Adventurers Meetup
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Jun 17 7:00AM - 8:00AM

EASY Hike [masked] hours) - Calico Basin

Difficulty Rating: 1 (easy) -- Total Distance: 3 (or 4.5) miles

Elevation Gain: 350 ft. (minimal) hourly weather (Blue Diamond)


NOTE: especially in winter, if possible, check your email or the web site an hour or less before start time for a possible weather-related cancellation.

This hike was reduced from 4.5 miles to 3 miles. Organizer may choose to split this hike or extend it back to 4.5 miles.

To avoid confusion, I deleted the waiting list - B.L.M. requests that hikes be limited to 20 members. However, even when more than 20 RSVP, I seldom have more than 15 actually show up for this hike and a few over is okay.

link to >>> Large 1200 pixel (expandable) image of hiking route

This hike will start from Red Springs picnic area near the parking lot on the edge of Calico Basin. The turnoff from H-159 is about one mile before (east of) the Red Rock entrance (see map below). Calico Basin is NOT part of the official Red Rock loop. You will not pass through any fee gates. Although considered a relatively "easy" hike with minimal scrambling, it may last up to 3 hours.

Near the mouth of the west canyon, we will be walking over sandstone rock formations. I don't consider this to be scrambling (use of hands not needed) but we do go up and down one short 8 foot high section which could be considered mini-scrambling. This may require use of hands and for some, use of a knee. For novice hikers, long pants might be best and thin leather hiking gloves might also be a good option.If in doubt about hiking ability, a hiking pole is a good idea for greater stability going up and down in a few places.

Please read the entire description for this hike. It is for those new or returning to hiking with more detail than other hikes.

Well start our hike from the picnic area and follow along the base of the hills. This hike is both for beginners and for those who are not interested in the faster pace or longer distance of other hikes. The pace will be set by the group. Adults, children age 12+, and well-behaved dogs (on leash) are welcome on this hike. We'll walk along the base of the Red Hills.

We'll have several brief stops for water/snacks. We also spend some time resting at the western canyon turnaround point.

Those who wish to may also walk the wooden boardwalk loop south of the picnic area either before or after the hike but it is not included in the description.

We will meet directly at the picnic area near the Red Springs parking lot at the time listed. Those more than 5 minutes late will have to catch up on the trail leading west into the canyon.

I practice Leave No Trace hiking and ask that you do too. That means no trash left <a>behind...not</a> even orange peels or apple cores. If you have a dog along, be prepared to clean up after it.

Important Things to Know About This Hike:

Bring plenty of water and snacks.

With limited shade, hats, sunglasses & sun block are encouraged.

Friendly chat welcome but please: no national politics or religion.

Feel free to use sticks or poles or other helpful equipment.

Bring your camera. There will be plenty of photo opportunities.

Red Rock rules say dogs must be leashed.

Use hiking shoes or any comfortable closed-toe shoes.

We will not be climbing any big hills or rocks. There are no cliffs or edges to worry about.

Feel free to call or text the organizer and ask any questions.

See you on the trail! />

Fine print that no one reads: As with any hike, you are responsible for your own safety and well-being. Knowing your limits and proper preparation are key to a successful and enjoyable outing. By signing up for and/or attending this meetup, you acknowledge, accept and agree to the following: Hiking and other outdoor activities can be dangerous and cause serious bodily injury and/or possibly death. The organizers of this group and current and former members will not be held responsible or liable for the actions of any participant at any event. Each attendee participates at an event at their own risk and is solely responsible for any damage to their property, and/or any injury to themselves or their guests.

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How to find us:Calico Basin Red Springs picnic area - see map below

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Endorsed by Curators:
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