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Sarcoidosis Awareness Month 5k Fun Walk!

Emma Carroll
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Apr 14 8:30AM - 10:30AM

April is Sarcoidosis Awareness Month

The 14th day of April has been designated as worldwide Sarcoidosis Awareness Day 2018 to call attention to Sarcoidosis. This disease affects many Americans and countless others around the world, and is a very important global public health concern.

Sarcoidosis is a systemic disease that can affect multiple organs, create a variety of symptoms, occur chronically and cause blindness, debilitation or even death. The exact cause of Sarcoidosis is unknown, but it is characterized by the formation of cells that can inflict serious damage on organs, resulting in scarring, weakness, reduced function, and nerve damage. In severe cases people with Sarcoidosis require organ transplants. While some treatments exist, there is currently no cure. (

The American Sarcoidosis Association and Janine Sarcoidosis Outreach Foundation (JSOF) a 501 c3 tax exempt organization joins millions around the world to observe Sarcoidosis Awareness Month promoting more research into a cause and cure. Emma Carroll founded Janines Sarcoidosis Outreach Foundation in 2003 after her daughter Janine died of Sarcoidosis complications at the age of 31 due to her treating Physicians missing her symptoms of Sarcoidosis. Janine left two small children behind a three and nine year old. Her story join us on

The mission of JSOF is to empower the community through outreach, education and raise the awareness of the disease for more aggressive Sarcoidosis Research.

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