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Saranac Lake Ultra 6er Series (29 Miles) [Day Hike]

Hudson Valley Hikers
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May 20 6:00AM - 7:00AM

Ultra 6er:
If you finish the 6 peaks in a continuous 24 hours, then you become an Ultra 6er.
For those attempting to become an Ultra 6er, hikers must:
1. Leave from Berkeley Green (corner of Main & Broadway)
2. End at Berkeley Green
3. Complete all 6 climbs within a continuous 24 hour period

Order of peaks:

Haystack: 6.6 miles, Ascent: 1,240', Elevation 2,878'
McKenzie: 10.5 miles, Ascent: 2,240',Elevation3,861'
Scarface: 6.6 miles, Ascent: 1,480',Elevation 3,088'
Ampersand:5.2 miles, Ascent: 1,775', Elevation: 3,352'
Baker: 1.6 miles, Ascent: 835', Elevation: 2,340'
St. Regis: 5.0 miles, Ascent: 1,168', Elevation: 2,874'

Total Mileage:29 miles
Total Elevation Gain: approx 8,728 feet

Sunrise: 5:24am
Sunset: 8:23pm

Map & Routes:


Haystack Mountain
Not to be confused with the Adirondack High Peak Mt. Haystack! Haystack Mountain is a friendlier climb ... though towards the top things get steeper, leading to an open rock face and ledge with sweeping views of the Adirondack High Peaks -- dominated by Whiteface Mountain -- and the Saranac Lakes Chain.

McKenzie Mountain
This nearly 4,000 foot peak offers spectacular views of Lake Placid, the Adirondack High Peaks, and vast reaches of the northern portion of the Adirondacks from several ledges on its otherwise wooded summit.

Scarface Mountain
Scarface Mountain is a lesser known peak that nevertheless has a good trail ... that doesn't quite reach the true summit! As with many Adirondack mountain hikes, the trail starts along flat land surrounded by a bosky pine forest. At about two miles the trail reaches a small stream and the forest becomes more deciduous. There the trail begins the steady climb up the mountain, and at about the 3.1 mile mark offers nice views to the southwest, west and northwest. Other views on the trail require some bushwhacking; the summit itself is accessible by a faint herd path but does not offer a view. Nevertheless, the trail up Scarface is a lovely trail of moderate difficulty.

Ampersand Mountain
Ampersand Mountain was originally covered with a heavy growth of trees. Surveyor Verplanck Colvin had the trees cut on the mountain summit so he could use it as a triangulation point as part of his surveying of the Adirondack High Peak region. Today the summit is bare, illustrating what happens when trees on a mountain top are cut. Erosion depleted all the soil and, as a result, not a tree or stump is to be found at the top.

As you reach the 3,352-foot summit, you'll be directed through huge glacial erratic boulders and fissures ... keep your eyes peeled for yellow paint blazes and trail markers. Once you break out onto the bald summit you will be amazed at openness of the views!

Baker Mountain
This little mountain affords a lake and mountain view unsurpassed in the Adirondacks for the relatively short climb. From its summit there's a wide panoramic view across Adirondack High Peaks, including the MacIntyre, Sawtooth, Seward and Great ranges, along with many individual peaks and picturesque lake country surrounding Saranac Lake. The trail begins on the north side of Moody Pond, following an old woods road for about 100 yards to an old stone quarry. Keep to the right of quarry, then turn left past the quarry. Here the woodland trail continues upward through evergreens to the summit.

St. Regis Mountain
The summit is sheer rock and is barren except for an aging fire tower ... views are fantastic ... many consider the vista from the St. Regis summit one of the best in the Adirondacks. The trail up to the summit is well-trodden and manageable and the hike starts out very easy ... but as you get close to the top, the trail becomes steep and loose in some places -- use caution here!

NOTE: You are responsible for bringing appropriate gear, supplies, clothing, first aid, and lights. You should review topographic maps and trail features carefully; understanding topography of any hike is key to your knowing where you are, where you're going, and how to get back. See suggestions for GEAR on the "About" page for additional gear ideas.


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