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Run for Autism 2018

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Endorsed by Curators:
Apr 14 8:00AM - 4:00PM

The national rate for autism is 1 in 68. That means that in 1 school grade with an average class size of 30 you will have 1 autistic child for every 2.5 classes. In the state of Utah the rate is 1 in 56 children that is diagnosed with autism. The statistics are astonishing, especially when coupled with the amount of education provided to the community and the resources (or lack thereof) available to parents to deal with the impact of this diagnosis.

With our annual race we want to raise funds to help provide parents with the resources, education, information, and support they need. Many resources are available for children to help them learn and to be productive in society, but not many exist to provide relief, care, and respite for the parents.

What that looks like for a parent of ONE autistic child is an additional 20+ hours of therapies a week, strict routine in the home to avoid meltdowns, teaching family members how to deal with meltdowns if they occur, teaching the child safe places for meltdowns, how to try and be in control of their own bodies, teaching what triggers to meltdowns look like so the child can begin to recognize when they reach a melting point and what to do about it, and, on occasion, teaching the public what autism is and what a meltdown looks like just so they can go grocery shopping without their child being called a brat, and much much more. This leaves little to no time for self. When it comes to a date night many parents find this impossible because there is not enough people equipt or taught to handle some of the circumstances that these children find themselves in.

Autistic children need lots of support. Their parents need support too. Join me in this annual race and help me support them.

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