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Rosie Riveters' 7-10 year-old Fall after-school program

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Endorsed by Curators:
Oct 12 4:30PM - 6:30PM


There are four separate projects available for each age group. Please individually register your child for each project date they wish to participate in. We encourage participants to register for all four projects in a program period.

The core of Rosie Riveters programs is a project-based, after-school curriculum for girls aged 4-14 (grades pre-K-8) that is open to the public and is completely free of charge. Each session features:

  • an interactive overview of a STEM concept (density, circuits, chemical reactions, etc.);

  • a tangible and hands-on project that explores that concept;

  • exploration of real-world careers and mentors.

The hands-on projects at the core of our program teach STEM skills, encourage girls to develop their own creative processes for design and implementation, and enable them to see their skills in action. All these elements work together to develop each participants confidence in her abilities.

Program Policies:

Each project offered by Rosie Riveters costs roughly$50/childto deliver and we want to ensure that our programs are able to provide a positive impact to as many participants as possible. With this in mind, please note our no show and late policies below:

  • No show- Those who fail to attend a program without prior notice will need torelinquish their remaining spots to children on the waitlist.

  • Late arrivals- Those who arrive late to two classeswillneed torelinquish their remaining spots to children on the waitlist.

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