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Rock/Creek Stump Jump Training Run

Chattanooga Trail Runners
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Endorsed by Curators:
Sep 16 7:30AM - 10:30AM

Meeting Place: Signal Mountain High School Soccer Fields parking area (all the way at end of road behind school)

Meeting Time: 7:30am (We will head out for run by 7:40-7:45am at the very latest)

Route: Out to Edwards Point and then along the bluff to Mushroom Rock then head down to swinging bridge and out to Suck Creek Road where you will turn around and head back to the start which will be around 16 miles. This route may also be modified to an out and back or just the 10 mile loop if you are looking for less mileage.

There will be water at Mushroom Rock only. Please come prepared. We will have water after the run as well

The trail will be marked at all turns with pink ribbons to ensure that no one gets lost or left behind. If you have trouble following the ribbons please find a run buddy in the group who knows the route and stick with them.

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