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Roadside Interview Techniques Workshop

Southeast Training
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Jan 29 8:00AM - 4:30PM
Southeast Training, in conjunction with the MoodyPolice Department, ALare presenting some first rate and affordable criminal interdiction training at our 2020Roadside Interview Techniques Workshop, January29, 2020in Moody, AL. This extensive training workshop is for all Police Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, State Troopers, Investigators and K-9 Handlers.The cost for this training opportunity will be $90.00 for 1day.

Designed For:This workshop is designed for uniformed state, and local law enforcement officials who are interested in enhancing their traffic enforcement activities or developing a traffic enforcement program to serve as an effective means to deter and detect criminal behavior.The workshop is also designed for custody Deputies that are preparing to enter the FTO program.

Workshop Description:The Roadside interview a function of many law enforcement officers normal duties is rarely taught at academies and in-service training.The workshop is designed to address the many issues that are encountered during traffic stops.This workshop will prepare officers to look beyond the initial traffic stop to detect and apprehend all types of criminals using our highways, streets and rural roads.

This workshop also concentrates on improving the officers conversational and observational skills to facilitate the development of reasonable suspicion/probable cause.Of the many police activities that must be performed, the roadside interview truly approaches the category of an art.It takes talent, a natural inclination to perform the task well, study, and practice to develop the basic skills, as well as continual self-analysis and cultivation of talents and skills in the questioning process.The attendee will be shown how to adapt their own personality to the various situations and the personalities of the people whom they will encounter during the roadside interview process. Attendees will be taught how to develop a style that is distinctive and then how to improve it through studied experience. The workshop will show the attendee the importance of establishing rapport, as well as becoming a better listener.Attendees will be taught specific techniques that detect criminal activity and how to view every roadside interview in totality. Through the analyzing of actual traffic stop videos the attendees will be shown that no single behavior standing alone proves anything during the traffic stop encounter.The method of instruction for the Roadside Interview Techniques Workshop will involve the implementation of various video clips from traffic stops that are designed to show the teaching points and encourage class discussion.

Upon successful completion of this workshop, attendees will have an in-depth knowledge of the roadside interview and articulation processes.

The subject matter provided in this workshop includes:

The concept and strategy of crime oriented escalation of traffic enforcement activities. An advanced format ofroadsideinterview techniques that uncover criminal activity.

Workshop Topics:

Roadside Interview Techniques(Verbal/Non-Verbal Behavior)

1. History and the Art of Interviewing

Human communication facts Establishing and maintaining rapport during the contact The importance of initial contact observations Goals during the interview processes Fight or flight response

2.Verbal Communication

Key phrases Typical indication of deception with the word no Speech dysfunctions Becoming a better listener (active listening) Identifying verbal deceptive behavior

3.Non-Verbal Behavior Components

Physical changes to stress The importance of clusters Behaviors that are relatively consistent when the stimuli (question/action) are repeated Identifying non-verbal deceptive behavior Interview techniques that uncover criminal activity Be familiar and confident with the assessment process of the interview Keys to detecting deception Techniques that uncover criminal activity The rejection of reality

4. The Foundation and Process of the Roadside Interview

The basics of the interview How to be familiar and confident with the assessment process of the interview

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