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Ride to Niagara

Toronto Bike Meetup
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Endorsed by Curators:
May 20 7:15AM - 8:15AM

This is the first Niagara ride of the season. We will repeat them every other weekend.

This ride is for experienced cyclists with good equipment.

Please wear a helmet if you wish to join us on this ride.
Please don't show up and expect to ride with us without one.

You must be able to ride at 30+kmhr for the entire distance.

As the season progresses we will be reaching rolling speeds of 40-45kmhr

Most often we will ride in a double paceline, where we pair up to ride 2x2 in a co-operative peloton format. Riding in a group will help us save energy by riding close (drafting or slipstreaming) other riders. (Please see diagram below)

There will be plenty of drop out points where you can catch transit back to Toronto if you run into mechanical or health problems.

As usual we'll ride to Niagara and take the GO train back.

Please have your bike in good riding condition to avoid mechanical delays.

The ride is about 5 1/2 hours of actual biking time.

We will be taking one of these routes. They both climb Hamilton Mountain.

Refreshment / Food stops are marked...

Terrain: Mostly flat with a few good climbs. See elevation.

Roads are very scenic and have less traffic up on the mountain.

Speed: 30+ km/hr


Well make reservations at Taps on Queens Brewhouse & Grill - 4680 Queen St, Niagara Falls (or Grand Central)

You must be able to ride at 30+kmhr for the entire distance.


The safety of our rides is really important. It is essential to know and practice how to ride in a group safely, exercise good judgment and thus not endanger others.

Cycling on the road is inherently dangerous and holds the risk of injury and even death. Riders are responsible for riding within their limits as well as assisting others to make sure our rides and events are safe and enjoyable.

We encourage each other, lead by example and provide advice intended to help other riders be safe and improve their skills.

Aero/Tri bars, headphones and ear buds are not permitted on rides.

Upcoming Events

Endorsed by Curators:
7:00 Racing the sun along the DVP (from downtown and back)

7:00 Racing the sun along the DVP (from downtown and back)

May 31 7:00PM - 8:00PM
Please note that: a) Start times from August 31 will be 6:30PM. b) We need to do a detour from original route due to construction work on the DV Trail. You are welcomed to join and race the sun with…
Endorsed by Curators:
[C-32 km]Thursday Night Intermediate Ride: South Toronto Valley Loop

[C-32 km]Thursday Night Intermediate Ride: South Toronto Valley Loop

Jun 01 6:30PM - 7:30PM
Ride Classification: C A loop starting from Coronation Park along Queens Quay, up through East York,then following many of Lower Toronto's river valleys, including Massey Creek, Lower Don, and…
Endorsed by Curators:
Saturday Ride - Port Credit and back (again)

Saturday Ride - Port Credit and back (again)

Jun 03 10:30AM - 11:30AM
Last week was short notice, so let's do a relaxed ride out to Port Credit and back again on Saturday. And maybe we won't get wind up in the middle of a hailstorm this time. We'll meet up in…