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Rejunals, A Team Competition

NEPA CrossFit
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Endorsed by Curators:
May 12 7:00AM - 4:00PM

Rejunals: A Team Competition

Teams of 4, FFMM

1st Place Rx- $750

1st Place Scale- $500 worth of prizes

We are going to attempt the 2018 Regional workouts or as close as we can get to them with what we have. Below are stand-in workouts in case Castro decides to make some untenable movements/standards that we cant recreate with the space/equipment we do have.

If your team signs up and your team does make actual Regionals, you will have the option to get a full refund. This will be FULLY scaled for all levels based on CrossFit Open Standards Substitutions. There will ONLY be Rx and Scaled but Masters designations will be used to give props.

Event 1- Guy/girl pairs, AMRAP (time unknown)
Rx- 50 syncro wallballs 20/14, 10 syncro bar MU, switch teams
Sc- 50 syncro wallballs 16/10, 20 syncro pullups (or 3 to 1 syncro ring rows), switch teams

Event 2- F-F-M-M (time unknown)
Rx- 21 thrusters@95/65, 4 rope climbs, 15 thrusters, 3 rope climbs, 9 thrusters, 2 rope climbs
Sc- 21 thrusters@75/55, 15 lateral burpees over bar, 15 thrusters, 12 burpees, 9 thrusters, 9 burpees

Event 3 (same time as event 4) 7 mins (1 min switch between events)
Event 3- Females find 1 rep max snatch first 7min, males 2nd 7mins

Event 4- Rx- Males find max burpee muscle ups- Scale Max burpee toes thru rings. Females find the same inte 2 7 mins.

Event 5- FLOATER- Syncro Rowing

The fine, fine print....

ALL sales are final. You may transfer your ticket to anyone else but there will be no refunds for any reason.

The event will stop selling tickets on May 1st to form heats. There may be a waitlist but do not bank on it. If you are no signed up before May 1st, do not be surprised if you cannot get in.

NEPA CrossFit reserves the right to adjust the weights/movements prescribed prior to competition.

NEPA CrossFit reserves the right to adjust any prize money/swag prior to May 1st based on ticket sales.

NEPA CrossFit reserves the right to stop any athlete we deem unsafe.

NEPA CrossFit reserves the right to change pretty much anything for any reason and do pretty much anything, or as our lawyer called this, our "catch all" clause.

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