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Reflexology: Massage Therapy's Secret Weapon

Academy of Ancient Reflexology
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Endorsed by Curators:
Feb 10 9:00AM - 6:00PM

The Ivy Institute
5200 Park Avenue, Suite 100
Memphis, Tennessee 38119
United States

Who Can Attend
Massage therapists and students, certified reflexologists and students.

NCBTMB: 8 Florida: 9

Karen Ball


Reflexology Massage Therapy's Secret WeaponDescription:
There are nearly 96,000 licensed massage therapists in the United States.[1]

Do you have a plan that will have you standing out in the crowd?
Would you like to be known as the go-to person in your community for chronic musculoskeletal pain management?
Would you like to know how to work smarter, not harder?

Look no further! Your secret weapon is just one day away.

Reflexology has been shown to significantly up the game for massage therapists who know how to accurately combine its targeted therapeutic effects with massage. Its the advantage that delivers better results than massage alone can, while reducing the wear and tear on your own body.

In one short day, you will learn how to:

locate and stimulate 18 musculoskeletal reflexes on the feet

effectively combine reflexology with massage therapy to get better results for clients suffering from neck, back, shoulder, hip, arm and/or knee pain

sequence reflexology and massage to make the nervous system do most of the work

support people suffering with phantom pain

improve your reputation as a pain management specialist at the same time you are preserving the health of your own hands and body

Short fingernails. In consideration of your fellow students, please come with clean feet.

Massage table; bottom and top sheets; blanket and pillows if you like when receiving; writing utensil; coloring pencils and either Shea or cocoa butter.


[1] 2016 US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Endorsed by Curators:
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