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Reclaim Your Power - Love yourself with Food!

Caroline Becker - Wholesome Soul Food
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May 27 11:00AM - 3:00PM

When life is stressful our ability to take care of ourselves tends to go out the window first.
Our eating habits are deeply intertwined with so much of our psyche, emotions, and habits yet being our physical foundation they literally permeate every aspect of our lives!

In this workshop, we'll learn how to embrace food as an ally for self-awareness, healing, empowerment, and joy. Based on cutting-edge science about gut health and nutrition, our diet can be the ultimate way to fuel and to nourish the highest possible version of ourselves when we decide to use food as medicine not as medication. This will radiate outwards and boost everything we do and create!

What we cover includes:

The many functions of the gut - the seat of health& wellbeing: emotionally, mentally and physically as well as the key to a healthy weight.
How to eat properly for long-term disease prevention and to retrain our system to release weight naturally without deprivation or cravings
Power foods to support the gut and overall health: fermented foods! We will sauerkraut make kraut together!
Shifting the paradigm: Food as a master tool to for self-awareness. Learning self-love and self-respect by embracing food as our most primal form nourishment on the cellular level.
Pillars of sustainable nourishment, including stress reduction, self-care practices, and sleep.

The workshop also includes group work, journaling, and a guided meditation.
I feel really humbled to share thispowerful material with you~ a beautiful crosscut between nutrition, self-love, spirituality and overall well-being Please dress comfortably and bring writing material!

Cost: $ 40
Or $ 30 for Early Birds, if you sign up until May 15th

I can't wait to see you all Caroline

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