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Feb 10 10:00AM - 12:00PM

What we'll do
My goal is to serve as a compass for entrepreneurs in the chaos of the digital age new economy, thefuture of content in the digital era and how some companiesleverage it for growthand how othersmiss the mark entirely.

As Founder and President of The New Economy Chamber of Commerce (aka The Gig Economy Chamber of Commerce), I applaud the efforts of all who help people, entrepreneurs, and companies make the transition to the meteoric explosion of the new economy in which we all find ourselves grappling with in the digital age.
My emphasis comes from working with small, family owned businesses that are looking to jump into creative/digital marketing but don't know where or how to start.
I seek to share irrefutable evidence of the urgent need to understand the new economy from Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Money, Harvard Business Review and even The Federal Reserve Bank, along with helpful lessons for startup entrepreneurs and founders.
My focus:
* Simplifying Email List Building Marketing
* Growing Meetup Audiences Exponentially (Our Meetup Organization has over 80,000 Members)
* Residual Income Opportunities
* Explainer and Interview Webinars Can be the New Speaking Gigs.tooffer a more compelling, engaging storyline

Your Friend In Commerce,
Mike Hayes,
Founder and President
The New Economy Chamber of Commerce (aka The Gig Economy Chamber of Commerce).

What to bring
Ideally, a phone, tablet, or computer.

Important to know
Light networking before and after Meetup.

How to find us:Las Trampas Room - 2nd Floor

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