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Raising Healthy and Financially Strong Kids

Suzanne Lin
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Oct 12 1:00PM - 2:30PM

Please join me for Thankful Thursday where we will be focusing on kids, kids health, and financialknowledge for kids.

We will be giving tips on kids health focusing on healthy eating habits, how to keep kids motivatedas well as physical activity guidelines. We will touch on sports nutrition for kids and how to stay healthy now that flu season is here.Lastly wewill dosome comparisons of some popular products and give recommendations on choices.

My special guest, Vanessa Stockbrugger, Founder of Womencents, will be discussing the importance of raising money-smart and financially confident kids. Vanessa will be providing valuable, easy-to-implement ideas on how to help our kids become comfortable with money at a young age and prepare them to make good financial decisions in the future.

Womencents is an independent, financial empowerment company focused on helping women understand their finances and feel confident and secure in their financial lives. Womencents provides practical knowledge and tools women need to understand their financial position, recognize habits affecting spending and saving and develop an effective system to meet their financial goals. Through valuable programs and seminars, Womencents has improved the financial well-being of numerous women.

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Please note there are 2 times for this seminar. Make sure to pick the correct time so we know how many to expect.

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