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RA/MV201 Half Training for Winter Race

A Snail's Pace Running Academy- Mission Viejo
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Dec 02 7:00AM - 9:15AM

What we'll do
Hey runners! GREAT GROUP TODAY! Post Turkey runs are the funnest! So, for this week we are increasing the mileage again on Saturday, so be sure to hydrate well on Friday and bring fuel WITH you for DURING the run. Our plan from here out is to strength train during the week post run and on Thursdays in place of a run. Our Saturday long runs are getting to where post run wed rather have you recover from the distance without trying to add the strength component post run. Save that for Thursdays. HEREs what up this week:
Sunday easy 3 miles flush run
Monday 4 miles MEDIUM pace and 20 min SCR
Tuesday off
Wednesday 4 miles MEDUM pace and 20 min SCR
Thursday 35 min SCR
Friday off
Saturday 8 miles! This distance is where you must have mid run fuel AND WATER! Please be kind to yourself and begin to experiement with what fuels work for you and which ones dont. Your GI tract will assist you in the endeavor, naturally. LOL
You are each doing a fantastic job of training and staying active, please just keep your coach in the loop so I can made needed adjustments if you got ill midweek or have a joint that seems tighter than usual or a new ache anywhere.
So much of our confidence as a runner is tied into working through a rough patch. Let me help you come through it as a better athlete! See you Saturday!
~Coach Byrd

What to bring
WATER, FUEL for DURING the run and if you dont go out for breakfast, at least bring a snack with carbs and protein for the drive home.

Upcoming Events

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RA 301 - The Road to L.A. - chapter 10 (field trip!)

RA 301 - The Road to L.A. - chapter 10 (field trip!)

Dec 16 7:30AM - 10:30AM
It's more than a half marathon and more than any ordinary 14 mile run. We will run a combination of the Back Bay Loop and a lap of Balboa Island. It's boat parade weekend in Newport, so holiday…