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Questionable Company Fall 2018 Championship!!

Tim Edwards
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Dec 09 3:30PM - 6:30PM

Congratulations! Your team has qualified for the Questionable Company Fall 2018 Championship! We will be kicking off the festivities at3:30pm on December 9 at Maryn's!It will be like a normal night of trivia, but with more teams, and should be a competetitve game.THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: THE WINNING TEAM GOES HOME WITH $500!!

Important rule change for the Championship: TEAM SIZE IS LIMITED TO 5 PEOPLE AT A TIME! You can bring more than five people, as substitutions can be made at two designated times during the game (In between the first quarter break and round two, and after round three). The subs will be in a sperate part of the room, but can watch, drink, eat, etc.

To verify you are coming, order tickets for as many people as you are bringing. The tickets aren't vital, this is simply a method I can use to guage how many people are going to be there. Congrats again on making it and I look forward to seeing you there!

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