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Quantico Centenial Epic Ride & Trail Festival

MVD Mountain Bikers
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Apr 14 8:00AM - 6:00PM

See other links at bottom for more information, but the following is from the Bikereg link:

Quantico Centenial Epics Website:

This is the second year of this event event in partnership with Quantico Mountain Bike Club (QMTB) and the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) onboard MCB Quantico. The goal of this event is to showcase the incredible and unique riding opportunities available on MCB Quantico while raising money to support future trail maintenance and expansion. Please visit the ( website often for updates on sponsors, food/beverage vendors, course updates/information, and entertainment. A rider email will be sent providing all event day details no later than April 15th.

Ride Description:

This is an epic ride format showcasing all of the riding opportunities available onboard Main Side of Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico, including the Main Side Trail System and the Officer Candidate School (OCS) grounds. The Main Side Trails will include the newly opened Arboretum trail system and the Geiger Loop trail system. In addition to the Main Side Trails, riders will be treated to the gravel and trail systems located within the Officer Candidate School (OCS) grounds providing a unique combination of heart pumping gravel and challenging singletrack sections as you traverse the heart of OCS training range. There is a 50, 30, 28, and 16 mile course option, so please visit the Montezumas revenge website and choose the best riding option to meet your abilities. Due the restricted access of some sections of the course, a map of the course will not be posted until April 1st.

Ride Information:

The ride will be supported with five full service aide stations and three mini-view stations. Local Bike Shops will support each of the full service aide stations providing basic maintenance needs, as well as water and nutrition options. The mini-view stations will be volunteer supported and located at locations that provide optimum viewing and photography opportunities. They will provide water only. There will also be Porta-Johns located throughout the course and specifically at the full service aide stations. Course map with Aide Station locations and supporting Bike Shops will be posted on April 1st.

Post-Ride Information:

Upon completion of each designated course, riders will check-in and receive a food and beverage bracelet. Multiple vendors will provide a range of selections for post-ride food. The event will also be supported by a designated beverage vendor providing each rider post-ride refreshments. In addition to supporting riders, each vendor will be stocked to provide additional food and beverage options to family and friends who want to join you at the conclusion of the ride. Plan to hang out post-ride, enjoy some music, food, and fun while sharing your Montezumas Revenge adventures with fellow riders.


See the website.

Rain Date, Cancellation:

In the event of inclement weather requiring the event to be postponed, April 21, and April 28 will be the make-up dates for this event. In the event of inclement weather on May 6th, the event will be cancelled. If cancelled, there will be no refunds for any reason. All remaining funds will go to support future maintenance and expansion of the MCB Quantico Trail Systems.


From I-95 South - take Exit 148. Turn left on Russell Road. Proceed 1 mile to gate. Continue 2.5 miles to parking and event area.

From I-95 North- take exit 148. Turn right onto Russell Road. Proceed 3/4 mile to gate. Continue 2.5 miles to parking and event area.

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How to find us:We'll be on Mountain Bikes. Look for the normal MVDers!

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