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Qualifying Day Hike: Shakedown and Gear Review

The San Antonio Backpackers Meetup
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Jul 15 7:00AM - 8:00AM


This training hike is mainly for new members but all are more than welcome and encouraged to come along. You can do this just as a day hike (day pack, sun block, water and snacks) or a qualifying hike. This hike will give you a chance to meet fellow hikers as well as ask questions about gear and our overnight trips.

If you are hoping to go on a future, multi-day trip and have never hiked with us you will be required to go on one of these shakedown hikes before you can sign up for one of the more aggressive trips: Big Bend, New Mexico or any of the Colorado trips.

For Saturday, please bring your fully loaded pack. If you like, I can review your gear and weigh it for you after the hike. The group will hike 9-12 miles at a fairly relaxed but not slow pace. Government Canyon is a very safe environment and you can easily find your way back to the parking lot if you get tired. If you bring your fully loaded pack this will count as a qualifying hike for you. At a minimum you will need to have all the gear you would use for a three day backpacking trip to include food and water.

For those who want to just hike with a day pack, you are welcome to join us. You will likely be hiking at a much faster pace than the folks with fully loaded packs.

These trips are open to adults 18 and older. There are no pets allowed on the trails in Government Canyon. Please bring water, snacks and sunblock.

It is going to be hot on Saturday with humidity around 52%. Please bring plenty of water and sunblock. We do not want anyone to be a heat casualty.

Happy trails,


PS The picture is of some of the dinosaur tracks in the park.

How to find us:We will meet by the park headquarters/store a little before 0700 and start hiking at 0700

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