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Proximity Marketing 101 - Black Friday Ideas for Small Businesses
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Nov 15 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Proximity Marketing 101 - Black Friday Ideas for Small Business

Proximity Marketing, The next Big Thing!

The typical cellphone user touches his or her phone 2,617 times every day. Next stop, PROFIT.

Proximity Marketing is a new, cutting-edge strategy and form of mobile interaction designed to attract customers when they are near a business, potentially allowing a business to reach customers they would never be able to connect with otherwise.

In this FREE learning seminar we will educate you about this newGoogletechnology and how it can benefit your business year round but especially how you can CA$H in on all of the #BlackFriday consumers!

Topics that will be discussed:
-What is beacon tecnology and whyis it right for my business?
-Guerilla beacon techniques
-Current client case studies
-Beacon brainstorming session
-Why beacons are such a cost effective solution and great ROI
-What is the next step?

The session will be headed up byIsaac HolevaandJohn TurnerofMobiMax.mewho have over 40 years of combined marketing and sales experience.

There is NO OBLIGATION to purchase or use our technolgy by attending this event. This is to educate and inform you about amazing new low cost options to reach customers where they are always looking... their phones!

What happens if you do decide to take advantage of our tech?
1. We work with you to create a beautiful custom landing page promoting a special #BlackFriday offer from your business and link the offer to the beacons.
2. We strategically place the beacons in and around your business location.
3. The beacons transmit the offer to everyone with a Bluetooth enabled smartphone within a 100-yard radius of your beacons.
4. Customers visit your business to redeem the offer and share the offer with other potential customers via social media. Results can be tracked.

You must have a small business of some kind to attend this event. You MUST register for tickets but there is NO CHARGE!

There will be complimentary light refreshments available and the full bar/restaurant menu fromLuke Wholey's Wild Alaskan Grillewill be accessible for additional purchase too. The food is amazing as is the experience andLuke Wholeyis also a client. Hear what his restaurant is doing with our technology too!

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