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Protest Shrine Circus Cruelty - Columbia 2018

Asheville Voice for Animals
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Endorsed by Curators:
Feb 10 9:00AM - 6:00PM

Many abusive circuses are continuing to drag elephants, tigers, bears, zebras, monkeys, camels, horses and other animals across the country to "entertain" the public - including right here in Columbia.

The Royal Hanneford 'Shrine' circus will be in town February 8-11. In most past years they have brought 3 distressed Thai elephants, several caged tigers, 3 tethered and muzzled Russian bears, 3 camels and other forced animal "performers." (

Join local citizens in standing up for these animals, who so desperately need our help!

Protest days and times are:

Saturday, Feb. 10 - 9-10 am and 2-3 pm

Sunday, Feb. 11 - 12 noon-1 pm and 5-6 pm

The demonstrations are legal, and the police will notified well in advance. We will be displaying signs and handing out some information. Signs will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. (Only large block letters on a plain background will be readable for the folks driving into the circus.)

We will be on the grassy areas next to the access road in front of the temple.

The public MUST be educated, and the Jamil Shriners must be pressured to find another means of raising funds for their travel and entertainment expenses** - one that does not include whipping tigers, piling 9 people at a time onto a (likely arthritic) elephant's back and beating her with a bullhook, and imprisoning large bears in a dark shower-sized cell for days at a time. (

**Funds from the Shrine circus DO NOT go to the children's hospital in Greenville. This is stated in small print on the tickets. However, the Jamil Shrine fraudulently states on their 990 tax forms that the circus is "operated to benefit the children's hospital."

PARKING: Plan to arrive early to allow for parking. DO NOT park in the Jamil Temple lot. Some of us are meeting 15 minutes before each protest starts in the US Foods shopping center lot (corner of St. Andrews Rd. and Jamil Rd.). It's about a 7 minute walk from the spots in front of the dental center to the temple.

There is also an apartment complex close to the temple where people can likely park for an hour or so without issue.

Public Hosted by Rosemary Thompson (

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