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Presentation & Live Demonstration of Healing

Tesla Metamorphosis – Australia
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Nov 15 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Anya Petrovic

Anya Petrovic, internationally recognised healer, teacher and author, will give presentation with live demonstration of healing. Tesla Waves are unique to this profound healing modality.

Come out to experience these amazing frequencies, and learn how you can harness the power that the legendary inventor, Nikola Tesla, worked with. Tesla Metamorphosis is a healing modality which attracts great interest because of miraculous healing results, the effect of Tesla Waves on the evolution of human consciousness, and unique phenomena connected to this work. In the quest to understand miracles, the book Tesla Metamorphosis Heal and Evolve reveals new knowledge. The answers are found in pioneering scientific research, and also in ancient wisdom, merging science and spirituality. The subject of this book is expanded to understanding the holistic medicine in general. The spirit of Nikola Tesla, the legendary inventor, is imbued throughout this book, giving it a new dimension.

Anya explains: This story is real. I live this story, and awakened a curious child in me again. It all started like a fairy tale, the fairy tale which was later scientifically confirmed.


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