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Pre-natal/Post Partum Exercise Information Session

Green Bean Baby Boutique and Tru Pilates
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Aug 12 9:00AM - 10:00AM
Are you pregnant and having back or pelvic pain? Worried about the effects of birth on your pelvic floor? Or a new mom wanting to return to exercise and unsure how? Have your abdominals separated and you aren't sure what exercises to do/avoid? Having some leakage or pain when running/jumping or sneezing? Not sure how to lug around all the awkward baby gear plus your ever growing baby?

Join Robin Truxel, prenatal and post-partum guru of tru PILATES, to teach you how easy it can be to discover the powers of your pelvic floor and deep abdominals! She will teach you how to use simple techniques of breathing and alignment to get strong while pregnant and set yourself up for delivery, begin to access that strength day 1 of new mom life for a faster recovery and build on that strength for the demanding job of caring for, nourishing and carrying your sweet new bundle! These simple techniques are instantly applicable to your everyday life; you need no equipment and do not need to find more time in the day to do them! Appropriate for pregnant women of any trimester and new moms of babies 12 months or younger.

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