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Poetry Reading of "Tanais" and "The Game" by Iossif Ventura

Endorsed by Curators:
Apr 06 3:30PM - 5:30PM
Gazette Classification: Lecture,Poetry/ProseOrganization/Sponsor: The Program of Modern Greek Studies, Department of The Classics, Harvard UniversitySpeaker(s): Iossif Ventura, with brief introductions by Panagiotis Roilos and Vassiliki RaptiCost: Free and open to the publicContact Info: Vassiliki RaptiOn June 9, 1944, six-year old Iossifs life would be irrevocably changed. Almost the entire Jewish community of Chania, Crete, would leave the island in the hold of a German commercial vessel, the Tanais. They were on their way to German death camps, but their death would come sooner. The ship was torpedoed by the British off the coast of Santorini and all those on board would drown, among them eighty-eight Jewish children from Chania. Although surviving, because his father heeded warnings and got the Ventura family safely to Athens, Iossif was haunted by the loss of the Jewish community of Chania, especially the children.

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