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Photograph History

Women Learning Photography Together
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Feb 10 8:00AM - 10:00AM

What we'll do
Let's go back in time! The Lone Fir story
Lone Firs first occupant was Emmor Stephens. His burial took place in 1846 in what was then privately owned land in a rural setting. The land was later platted as Mount Crawford Cemetery in 1855. Back then Portland existed only on the west side of the river. Because of marshy ground, the city closed graveyards at Ankeny and Front, Washington and Stark at 10th, and Burnside at 11th. Many bodies were then reinterred at Mount Crawford.
Mount Crawford was renamed Lone Fir in 1866, for the once solitary tree in its northwest corner. (Its still standing.) Lone Fir is one of Portlands oldest continuously used cemeteries and is now a de facto arboretum, with more than 700 trees representing 67 species. Twenty-five thousand people are buried here.

What to bring
Bring a couple of lenses and a tripod

Important to know

Upcoming Events

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Image Review Webinar

Feb 21 7:00PM - 8:00PM
In a nutshell:This is an opportunity to improve your photography by providing images for critique and/or logging in to the webinar to listen to reviews. IMPORTANT DATES:NO MORE IMAGES NEED TO BE…