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Pet Nutrition: Talking, Education, Conversation w/ Tazz Latifi

Side by Side Pet: Chicago Healthy Dog Club
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Jan 31 6:00PM - 7:00PM

We are honored to have Tazz Latifi join us as a guest speaker at Side By Side Pet. Tazz is a Certified Pet Nutritionist and also has years of experience in the pet industry as the founder and owner of Petropolis in New York City. Tazz knows the pet food industry inside and out, which is why she was featured in the "Pet Fooled" documentary.

"Talking, Education, Conversation" with pet parents is the only way we can decrease the chronic issues our pets are experiencing. Tazz is joining us share her insight and knowledge with YOU, so you can provide your cat and/or dog with species appropriate, well balanced nutrition.

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