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Pathfinder every other Saturday, 9-5 FULL

Valley of the Sun D&D Pathfinder
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Aug 12 9:00AM - 10:00AM

We are a group of 30-50 y.o. professionals currently looking for a few new players to round out our existing group. We have 2 gms with ongoing campaigns that are both around 10th level. We will give you the exact address when you sign up.

We are a very tech savvy group with everyone using herolab for character creation.

We currently are in a Frog God Games module. It's full of chaotic evil aberrations and demons. It's also pretty deadly. The group currently has: Kinetisist, Inquisitor, Barbarian, and an Arcane Trickster.In this campaign, we create characters a little differently to try to have character strength parity. We allow 78 attributes points before racial modifiers placed as you see fit. The maximum starting score is for any attribute is 18 before racial modifiers. Any good alignment is required. Any core race is fine. For uncommon races be aware that almost everyone you interact with is human (90%) with elves, half elves and dwarfs making up another (9%). Starting gp is 62,000. You pay full price for any magic items and gear you want. Max hit points at first level then roll after that. We allow retraining of hit points for the costs specified.

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