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Paschal Panthers 2009 to 2019: GLOW UP!

Sara "Most Flirtatious" Ritsch
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Nov 30 7:00PM - 11:00PM

Hello beautiful and brilliant 2009 PHS grads! It's already been 10 years, and thanks to the internet, none of us are going to bethatsurprised by anyone's glow up (or down). But it's time to meet anyway!

Did you struggle with school and then go on to open your own business? Dope, you should brag about that.

Did you do keg stands and puke on your friends and then go on to run for office? Great....!!!!

Did you find your art, put love and passion into it, and go on to make a name for yourself? AWESOME.

Did you kind of float around figuring it out and then just decide you don't really need to do anything impressive? That's so awesome too. I hope you got some sweet tattoos along the way.

We are going to meet at Shipping & Receiving on November 30th. I'm still contacting vendors, but here's the gist: DRINKS. FOOD. JASON FARIES OF NEON INDIAN ON DJ BOOTH. BALLOONS. PHOTOBOOTH. PARTY FAVORS MAYBE.

I watch Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion at least once every 2 years or so because my favorite part is when Romy tries to hit on an ex-classmate and at mention of his occupation she says, "Excuse me, I cut my foot earlier and my boot is filling up with blood," then limps away. I hope to see this happen a few times amongst the single Panthers ;) Maybe we should turn this into speed dating. Everyone knows your soulmate lives in Fort Worth, TX!!!!

Okay great this is going to be fun, so please pay $50 per ticket so that I can buy all of these cool things for us!

All excess proceeds will be donated to Paschal High School. Do it for the kids! See y'all in November!

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