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Parkdale FS 13-18-16 Vista Ridge loop . . . .

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Jul 11 8:00AM - 10:00AM

The RAMHOD series is back. Once again the hors d'oeuvre with be the 39 mile Vista Ridge Loop. From there we will move on to the Lost Lake 50. The grand finale will be the RAMHOD itself, about 80 miles and 9K or so of climbing.


1. The RIDE start time is 8:30 a.m. Let's try to carpool. You can arrange carpools through the discussion section below.

2. Please note, this ride is weather dependent. We will reschedule this ride if the weather is not very, very good.

3. For safety reasons this ride requires a minimum of 3 riders. We will reschedule if we do not have at least 3 riders committed to attend this ride.

4. This is a tentative date which may be moved a bit to accommodate weather, possible logging operations or rider availability.

This is a very difficult ride. Although only 39 miles, it has nearly 4,000 feet of climbing and steep, high speed descents on forest service roads that may be in poor condition. In addition, there may be active logging operations in the area so log trucks may be present. Also, although infrequent, there may be some automobile traffic. Many of the roads are narrow and remote. In addition, portions of FS-16 are gravel. The gravel sections are rather short so they're walkable if not rideable. Also note that there is no cell phone service in much of the area, so we may not have use of a cell phone in the event of an emergency. Finally, this ride does occur in the high Cascade Mountains which are subject to sudden weather changes.

That said, this is one of the most beautiful rides in Oregon. Here's a video preview:

Pace: The climbs will definitely slow us down and there are long, technical high speed descents. There is not much flat ground on this ride. We will regroup often at strategic points. No one will be left behind.

Distance: 37+ mile loop.

Hills: Very steep hills. Here are some highlights:

1. 5.7 mi. 850' descent on state Hwy 281

2. 8.0 mi 1127' ascent on Lost Lake Rd.

3. 8.0 mi 2080' ascent on FS 16 to Blue Ridge

4. 1.7 mi 331' ascent on File Butte

5. 6.4 mi 1992' descent to Middle Fork of Hood River

Attitude: This is a beautiful but very challenging ride for the reasons stated above.

Traffic: Most of the ride will be on Forest Service Roads, some of which are modern, two lane roads and some of which are deteriorating.


Ride Leader: Ed Lanton[masked] or [masked]. Please call or email with any questions, comments or concerns.

Weather Cancellation Policy: This ride is dependent on good weather. We will reschedule if the weather isn't optimal. I'll post a go-no go no later than 6pm the night before the ride

Helmets must be worn at all times while riding. This is a requirement and not a request. Also proper and legal lighting is required as this is a night ride.

Always bring plenty of water, snacks for energy, a flat repair kit, including a spare tube. A tool kit and small pump is good, but if you dont have one there is usually someone on a group ride who does. Carry a credit card and a little cash to buy refreshments. Please note, there is no water and no services on this route except at the start and finish.

Mandatory for all riders.

Obey traffic laws and remember youre a representative of the greater cycling community and should conduct yourself that way on the road. Please represent us well.

All riders must have their rides in good working order and have sufficient lighting for safe night riding and must bring a flat kit & spare tube. If there is an issue with proper working or lack of equipment you may be asked to sit the ride out. Please ask for help if you are ill equipped prior to the ride. We will try to help!

All riders must be able to change a flat should they have one or have a way to get picked up (AAA, a friend). There is often but not always someone on the ride who knows how to help you change your tire so plan accordingly.

Note: Your RSVP signifies that you agree to the following. Organizers, event hosts and other participants will not be held responsible for any individual at any event. Each rider rides at their own risk and is solely responsible for any damage to their equipment or themselves.

Final Note: RSVPs cannot include a +1 or Guest. If you choose to bring a friend or family member, they themselves must sign up as a member of GTD.

How to find us:In parking area on Clear Creek Blvd. just south of intersection with Baseline Dr.

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Endorsed by Curators:
Lost Lake Levitation ride 54mi/5680ft. climbing

Lost Lake Levitation ride 54mi/5680ft. climbing

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