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Paintball for Newbies, Cops, Soldiers - come join us

Austin Tactical Paintball Meetup
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Endorsed by Curators:
Feb 10 9:30AM - 10:30AM

We will play either within our group or in the open games, but you can come play with us. All are welcome who:

a. want to be part of a good group of people

b. are tactically proficient or want to be (we'll train you)

c. do not have a criminal background

d. can commit to play AT LEAST once per month but preferably twice

There are exceptions to every rule.

We are hoping for a photographer and historian to join up at some point, this person does not need to be a player.

If you have a criminal background we will consider extenuating circumstances.

If you have something else to contribute, other than playing, let us know.

We're building a small training unit and everyone is welcome who has something to contribute. Water Manager? Mule (carry the gear during play)? Admin.? Artist? Gunsmith?

Mostly though, we are looking for players to become shooters - members of a 4-6 man team who will learn and improve over time so that eventually we will have tactically proficient fire teams that can play each other and against other teams.

By the way, we do not have any women yet, but membership is open and all are encouraged to apply. Also, anyone who is out of shape, don't worry. Use this to get your butt moving. Because when the paintballs fly, you WILL run! You may find this a motivating way to get in shape.

Come play with us.

-Black Company

How to find us:Look for a BC Patch and ask to play with us - newbies, cops, soldiers welcome

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