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Pack Mentality 25 km and 50 km Ultra Run 2019

Steph Neufeld
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Nov 30 7:00AM - 5:00PM

This run is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Edmontons beautiful river valley in winter with like minded athletes while running under an hour to hour after hour. To add to the challenge and increase the camaraderie the 25 km and 50 km events will be done as teams of TWO- you each run the entire distance, just with friends! Your team will be given a token and only the token will be timed, not individual runners. This is to alleviate the confusion when teams split up.

You have to start and finish with your team/token in order to get a time recorded. If you leave your team member for the wolves you will not get a time!

Start Location: Laurier Park Community Center. There will be a volunteer inside to give you your token, your start time will be written on it and when it returns, your distacne and finish time as well as all the runners names.

Recommended Start Times: 9 am for the 50 km, 10 am for the 25 km. There is a cutoff of 4 pm for all distances. You can start earlier but you will have to record your own start time!

Aid stations: This run is intended to fully self-supported. We will have ONE guaranteed aid station at Groat Rd Bridge. There will be gatorade, hot chocolate, cookies, pretzels, and other goodies.

Cost: $15 dollars and it all goes to charity!

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