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Out of Delusion: The Profound Practice of the Four Noble Truths

Dharma Refuge Meetup
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Feb 10 9:00AM - 4:00AM

Out of Delusion: The profound practice of the Four Noble Truths

Full Day Retreat With Sue Kochan
Saturday, February 10,
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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"Following the Buddha's most direct and profound instructions on mindfulness and the four noble truths, we see and experience the unimpeded nature of who we are, transforming our ordinary life into one of deep meaning and joy."

During this retreat we'll take a fresh, practice-based approach to studying the Buddha's foundational teachings on the Four Noble Truths. Together, we'll move from a conceptual and theoretical understanding of these teachings into a lived experience of them, rich with awakening insights.

This retreat will show us how to work with the mind states we find most disruptive and how to nurture the best qualities in ourselves and those around us. Everything we need to experience happiness and freedom is available within us. Join us and learn how to stabilize the practices of mindfulness and bring to life the transformative wisdom of the four noble truths.

Who should attend?
This full-day retreat will guide new and long-time meditators in establishing and deepening their capacity to abide in presence and to live in a sane relationship with life exactly as it is. No previous meditation or experience with Buddhist study or practice is required.

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How to find us:From the S. Goodman Street entrance, drive up the hill, park in the ample parking areas and come through the main door in the center of the building. There will be signs directing you to our first floor location inside the building.

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