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Our Public Utilities are Trying to KILL Us and Make Us Pay For It!

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Nov 15 7:00PM - 8:45PM

Our Public Utilities are trying to KILL us and make us pay for it!

How do they get away with it?

Tomorrow (Wednesday 11/15) evening's PDA meeting promises to be more interesting/exciting than we originally planned! We will have most of the staff of Public Watchdogs including the executive director, geologist and transportation expert. Among other things, they will talk about an alternative view of the San Onofre Waste disposal plan.

What are some of the most appalling cases?

Burying nuclear waste on the beach

2003 and 2007 San Diego Wildfires

Aliso Canyon/Porter Ranch Gas Leak and re-opening

San Bruno pipeline explosion

Northern California Wildfires


and somehow we are paying for their mistakes.

How do they get away with it?

Surely the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is looking out for the publics safety, health and best interest. Right?

Certainly Governor Brown will do everything possible to resolve this situation. Right?

There cant be any government or political fraud involved. Right?

What can we do to protect ourselves and our interests? Who can advise us?

At our Wednesday evening, November 15 PDA meeting. We will have a conversation with Charles Langley, the Executive Director of Public Watchdogs, and some of the Watchdogs staff.

Charles Langley was formerly writer, editor and publicist for UCAN (Utility Consumers Action Network.) You may recognize his name form the Gas Project where he gave price reports through the local media. When he saw UCAN imploding and "irredeemably corrupt" he left and formed Public Watchdogs. He has been building it in La Mesa with staff and volunteers into a powerhouse, looking out for our well being.

Well be talking with him and most of the Public Watchdogs staff about all of the above and we will ask about other assaults on us by the Public Utilities in California.

How to find us:Come early and join us for dinner and/or a drink (So we don't have to pay for the room.)

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