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OSHO - Meditation Intensive Retreat

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Endorsed by Curators:
Sep 16 8:00AM - 8:30PM

In this Workshop, we shall give you a taste of OSHOs Active & Passive meditations, Video, Osho Quotes, Sharing, Dancing & Lots of fun, which will bring you in the HERE and NOW.

Osho One Day Meditation Intensive Retreat


8.00 8.30 am Registration & Welcome

8.30 9.30 am OSHO Dynamic Meditation

9.45 10.45 am Breakfast

10.45 11:30 am OSHO Audio / Video Discourse

11.30 12.30 pm OSHO Vipassana Meditation

12.30 2.00 pm Lunch Break & Rest

2:00 3:00 pm OSHO No Mind Meditation

3:00 4:00 pm Osho Nadh brahma Meditation

4.15 5.15 pm OSHO Kundalini Meditation

5.15 6:00 pm Tea Break.

6:00 7.30 pm Evening White Robe Meditation

7.30 - 8:30pm Dinner

Payment Options

Fee: $150/person Prepay via Interac

You can pay by Cash, Cheque or E-transfer.Please send fee via Interac E-Transfer to [masked]

General Things to Consider:

Here are some guidelines that will help you the best out of the retreat.

1) Please feel free to bring your own yoga mats, yoga chairs, blind folds for closed eyes meditation, pillows and cushions.

2) Meditations involve sitting, dancing and lying down so it is suggested that you wear loose clothes. Maroon or similar colored clothes during the morning and afternoon sessions and white clothes during the evening white robe meditaiton are preferred.

3) Its preferred to bring blanket to cover yourself while lying down and during sitting in meditation.

4) Please try to use as less communication devices like cell phones, internet etc during the event.

5) In consideration of people with sensitivities, please kindly refrain from using strong perfumes and other similar fragrances during the retreat.

6) We plan to do each session at the allocated time, so plan to be at the Meditation Hall 5 mins earlier than the scheduled time.


Parminder Sohal - [masked] -[masked]

Prem Reema - [masked] -[masked]

Carol Banayos - [masked]-

Deepak Sandhu -[masked]

How to find us:63 Autumnview Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3Y 0C6

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