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Optimizing Digestion

Liz Devino
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Nov 09 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Learn how some digestive issues are tied more to liver function and not lower GI function. Find out the connection our endocrine system has to liver function and proper digestion. If you have been stuck with the progress of a patient, its time to go back to the liver and the gut to figure out why and resolve it. This isnt a one size fits all approach but it is about learning what will be the best course for each individual patient. In some cases we will need to work through layers and others will be more straightforward. Solutions dont have to be overly complicated; they need to make sense and work.

Within this presentation attendees will:

  • Review healthy GI function

  • Review the role of the liver and its relationship to the endocrine system

    and digestion

  • What are the common disorders talked about today and what do they

    mean; GERD, SIBO, leaky gut syndrome, diverticulitis...

  • What is the connection to our immune system and brain health?

  • Evaluation via lab tests and common related symptoms

  • Prioritize findings to determine the best support

  • Learn about specific nutritional and herbal supplements that can help

    restore optimal health to the gut and liver

  • Tips for patient management that includes dietary and lifestyle


  • Gain new insights to apply to patients immediately

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