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Operation: Horizons

Burden Operation Company
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Endorsed by Curators:
Dec 02 4:00AM - 5:30PM

We have showed your reboot your limits and have showed you that you can rise to the occasion and crush your limits (and honor your burdens) now let us show you a new horizon. .. start unknown finish unforgettable .... that is what your ops leader is going to set out to do.

No refunds are given unless event is cancelled you can at any time transfer to another person or event (yes that mean if you want you can transfer a 12 hour event to 2 ops 6events

Check out the other event we will be having the ops 6 shortly after the 12 hour op and your will be a sun set operation

Special operations
There will be a 12 hour operation as normal though the test will be harder and the team work will be ever more

There will also be a 12 hour fast ops think grind speed and test zero modifications

Grind op will only happen if we have the numbers of at least 10 normal ops and 5 grind ops... this will be the 1st day light grind. .

To do this one you have to do a beefed up version of the grind pt test BEFORE THE OP or have completed the grind
you'll start as one team
every time the two ops come together uou are one team
both ops will have a chance at the grind
but if you step out of the grind op you disqualify yourself from attempting the full grind
grind ops can step down at any time
Note: we may be still to new to pull this off
A operation will go off but to pull off this double op we need a minimum of 10 people on the operation and 5 start the grind op
Ideally we would love to have the 15+ on the normal op and 10+ on the grind op
Each op (normal, grind, and ops 6) will get their own custom the horizon patch

This is a 12 hour endurance event primarily to show yourself that your much more of a badass then you know by work together as a team, find your limits and surpass them, and bond friendships that will last a lifetime.. .... you expect to carry heavy shit, walk in water, use your brain and figure out puzzles and riddles. .. learn to lead

Just some notes of movements we will be doing:
Pushups, squats, situps, flutter kicks, bear bear crawls, low crawls, planks, walking in water, above movements in water, and most importantly working as a team this time around. You each have your own personal responsibility to do your best but your to look out for your fellow challengers

Packing list for the Operation

The following is mandatory..
strong backpack rocks/bricks/or sand bags will be placed in it.

Water source preferable 3L bladder
food in a plastic baggy or dry sack
some type of electrolyte be it GU or gummies or nun tablets
a pen or small sharpie
straps and/or bungee cords
Head lamp

trail shoes
change of socks (you will be getting wet)
shell jacket or light coat (this will go on rain or shine)
cold weather gear
Determination as in DFQ
sun screen
sun glasses

You pack it in you pack it out.

Things to thinking about

hydrate & eat well leading up to it
you will get sweaty
you will be tired
you will get dirty
you may get scratched
you will be uncomfortable
you will be at you limit
you will only be asked to do what you can I will modify movements

when you finish you will get a custom patch ... this patch was made for you! I want this patch to mean something I want you to feel like you earned it and know that you walked away from this with your head held high.

Special notes

Special Phyical requirements for operation: Limit Pusher/Finder
Normal 12hour Op:
Need to be able to stay all day to get your patch
Need to be able to hike constantly without taking several breaks
Know this one will be on aggressive hills and cold water
Eat on the move. This one will have lots of hiking and shorter/less breaks

Grinder Op:
No modifications for PT (IE pushups on toes, full depth squats)
Keep up
You will have the opportunity to move to the normal Op any time teams join up but you will not be allowed to attempt The Grind- You also may not fall back to the Grinder Op once you step to the normal Op.

We have rules for a reason, we tell you things for a reason. Please follow rules. Rules are in place to let each and every Operator have a full experience and to keep all Operators safe through the entire Operation. If the rules set are constantly not followed by the Operators, you will be spoken to individually. If the problems still persist, you may be asked to leave the Operation.

There are never dull, dumb, or stupid questions so please enlighten us. Feel free to ask questions on the event page or privately to Burden Operation Companies page.

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