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Open Space 50th Anniversary: Celebrate Boulder's Greatest Treasure

Open Space advocates & users
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Endorsed by Curators:
Oct 12 5:00PM - 9:00PM


In 1967, Boulder's visionary citizens were the first in the nation to tax ourselves to acquire, maintain and preserve a greenbelt around Boulders urban limits, thereby saving our city from urban sprawl and ensuring that human and other species could and would thrive together in sustainable health for generations to come in perpetuity. Join us to celebrate what we've accomplished!

Announcing the Center for Sustainable Landscapes and Communities

At this event we're also thrilled to announce the creation of a new Center at CU Boulder, tentatively called theCenter for Sustainable Landscapes and Communities. The Center is the result of a group of community and university participants working together over several years. The vision is that the Center will play a major, positive role in facilitating dialogue and providing information and education about the future of Boulders City and County Open Space lands.

Presentations and Discussion

Don't miss the great stories, food, music, videos, and photos of our first 50 years with a discussion of how we move forward to a sustainable future for this treasure that is our Open Space and Mountain Parks.

The early history:

Why and how did a small college town at the foot of the Rockies take this unprecedented action? We'll hear the stories from some of the citizens and city officials who teamed up to create this innovative solution, bringing them together for the first time in 50 years!

Uses and personal perspectives:

How has Boulder's Open Space been loved and enjoyed over the course of its 50 years? Community members will share what makes the Open Space special to them.

Current opportunities & challenges:

  • How has the original intent been implemented?
  • Are we loving our Open Space to death?
  • With population skyrocketing in Boulder and the entire Denver Metro and Front Range areas, the people-pressures are enormous!
  • How are we handling conflicting uses? While there are advantages to having these precious lands so close to where we live, the growing numbers of people and uses present challenges.

Hope to see you there!

-Ruth Wright & Oak Thorne,Representing Founders ofOpen Space

-Sharon Collinge,Environmental Studies Program,CU Boulder

P.S. We are committed to making this free for everyone. But there are substantial costs involved. If you want to join the generous individuals who have already committed funds to us to help cover event costs, please send a donation to our account: Open Space: 50th Anniversary, P.O. Box 254, Boulder, CO 80306 (We are not tax-exempt, so donations are not tax deductible.)

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