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Nifty Patterns with DataKinds + Eta Tail Calls

Boulder Haskell Programmers
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Endorsed by Curators:
Nov 15 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Please join us for an evening of Haskelling. We have two talks slated for our November meetup. Isaac Shapira will be talking about "Nifty Patterns with DataKinds", and Robert Peszek will speaking about "Eta and Tail Calls on JVM" (abstract below).

We'll have pizza and drinks as usual. Hope to see you there!


Robert's abstract:

Eta and Tail Calls on JVM

Eta (formerly GHCVM) has uncanny ability to avoid stack overflows. Code that has no chance of working in Scala works just fine in Eta. I have more questions than answers on how this is done. For example, Eta's approach to tail call optimization is not yet documented and that story is probably still evolving. With this short talk I would like to show some (surprisingly) working recursive code, explain what little bit I know, and hopefully seed some discussion. I hope to learn from the audience as much (or more) than to present this topic.

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