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Kapolioka'ehukai Outrigger Canoe Club Paddling Meetup
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Feb 10 8:30AM - 11:30AM

Have you ever wanted to try paddling outrigger canoe? Have you paddled before and want to start up again? Come paddle with us! Meet new folks, get a great workout, and connect with the water and Hawaiian culture! We are so much more than a paddling club, we are friends who welcome you immediately and make the paddling experience something to look forward to.

"The canoe is a vessel for the soul" ~ Rell Sunn

Hoe wa'a (outrigger canoe paddling) is a special sport, with ancient Polynesian roots of voyaging, fishing and war. Canoes were a vital part of the culture and livelihood in Hawai'i. Today they provide an amazing connection to Hawaiian history, as well as a chance to experience teamwork, dedication, and aloha on the beautiful oceans we paddle on. To dance with dolphins and grey whales as you paddle; to work in harmony with the ocean and its temperments; to experience a sunset on the water, with your ohana and teammates, in an OC6 (6 person outrigger canoe), means to experience just a taste of what it means to paddle. We at Kapolioka'ehukai are grateful for our sport, its history, and the honor to paddle.

We supply paddles. Don't forget to wear water friendly clothing and sunscreen. We go barefoot in the canoes or you can wear water shoes.

See you soon!

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