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Netflix fmr-Product VP Gib Biddle on how to go from strategy to execution

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Nov 15 7:00PM - 9:00PM

How do you reconcile vision and execution? Netflix Former Product VP Gibson Biddle shares the two models he uses to define product strategy and answer the question, How do we delight customers in hard-to-copy, margin-enhancing ways? Hell then share how he puts the strategy into practice via carefully defined metrics and tactics. Last, hell simulate a product strategy meeting, demonstrating the fast-paced debate, decide, then do environment at Netflix as he presents two modern-day, Netflix mini-cases.

About the Speaker
As product and business leader for world-class consumer tech companies, Gib Biddle has led product management at both entertainment (Netflix, Mattel, EA) and education companies (Chegg, The Learning Company). Most recently, as Chief Product Officer at Chegg, he helped take the textbook rental company public. He was VP Product at Netflix from 2005-2010. Gib now focuses on both advisor roles and product leader training.

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