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Naturalist Field Day: Investigating Montana Pictographs

Montana Natural History Center
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Endorsed by Curators:
Jun 17 7:00AM - 6:00PM

Beautiful and enigmatic rock art adorns cliff walls and boulders throughout western Montana. These pictographs are the eastern extension of a style called the Columbia Plateau tradition. Up to 7,000 years since the creation of tallies and dream-like animal forms, we are left to ponder their meaning and choice of location.

Rock art expertDr. Jim Keyserleads aunique opportunity to view and understand our local pictographs. We will travel to Kila (near Kalispell) to view and learn about superb examples of vision-quest style Columbia Plateau rock art. Wellstart the day with a lecture on the meaning, techniques, and distribution of Columbia Plateau rock art. We will then travel to the field site to analyze the pictographs firsthand. With Jimwe will not only examinefascinating pictographs, but we will learn more about the people who lived heretheir culture, their religion, and how they usedthe land.

Dr. Jim Keyseris the author ofIndian Rock Art of the Columbia Plateauin addition to many other books and papers. He is considered a leading expert on pictographs of the Columbia Plateau and Plains tradition and Plains Indian ledger art.

We will meet early, at 7:00 a.m., and drive to Kalispell in an MNHC bus. Please bring lunch, water, and clothes appropriate for the weather.

Note:This Naturalist Field Day does include long periods of time on a bus. We will return to MNHC by 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. Registration is required.

Cost:$70 MNHC members; $80 non-members.Some scholarships are available. Please call 406.327.0405 for details.

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