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National Guard Bureau Joint C4I Conference 2011 "IT and Intel: Blazing into the Information Future"

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Endorsed by Curators:
Oct 31 7:00AM - 10:00PM
PURPOSE The National Guard Bureau Joint C4I Conference is designed to foster the exploration of integrated information technology (IT) and intelligence (Intel) solutions between and within the Army National Guard (ARNG), the Air National Guard (ANG), and the Guard's strategic partners. Building and maintaining an integrated IT and Intel structure is essential for the Guard to fulfill its dual Federal/State role. OUTCOME The JC4I Conference promotes the kind of vital information sharing and joint strategy development the Guard needs to maintain its versatility and perform with speed, strength, and efficiency in times of crisis, whether on foreign or domestic soil. Every year our Guardsmen leave this conference better prepared to face the challenges of combat, national emergency, counterdrug efforts, reconstruction, and the many other missions for which they are called into action. CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE Participation in this conference is open to IT, communications, and intelligence professionals as well as personnel whose responsibilities involve oversight or employment of these capabilities. CONFERENCE ATTIRE Military: Uniform of the day Civilian/Contractor: Business casual Online registration:

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