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Mt Nutt Golden Ears Park

Tri-Cities Hiking Club
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Endorsed by Curators:
Sep 16 8:30AM - 9:30AM

Please read this entire email carefully before signing on.

This is one of my favorite Golden Ears hikes. The views are beautiful. There are a few different views from the summit. One side looks over Alouette Lake, the other at Golden Ears Mountain/Alder Flats/Evans Peak.

Mt. Nutt: About 1000m elevation gain over about 11 km round trip equals a steep hike. If you can't do Grouse Grind at a steady pace, this is not the hike for you. This will be a medium-paced hike, so we should get to the top in two and a half hours. You need to be in decent shape for this and able to walk uphill for extended periods at a steady pace. ****Due to time constraints, if you cannot keep up, you can wait at a viewpoint and we will pick you up on the way down.****

No dogs allowed on this hike.

We'll meet at the Fern Crescent parking lot of Maple Ridge Park. From Dewdney Trunk Road, take 232nd Street to the roundabout and turn up Fern. Go only about 5 seconds, then turn into the parking lot on the right. We'll carpool from here to the trailhead.

Please look up the 232nd and Fern Crescent intersection in a map book if you need further clarity.

Please bring the following (if you show up without food, water, or proper footwear, you will not be welcome to attend, as you could become a safety issue). We will run into some snow so be sure to layer appropriately.

Food (lunch/snacks)

Water (2 litres is best)


band-aids for blisters

appropriate footwear (no sandals)

Please read the following rules carefully:

Only RSVP for hikes of an elevation gain you have recently climbed. Group hikes are not a place to test your endurance; if you are not capable you will hold up the group or someone will have to turn back with you, and this is not fair to other group members.
We will only wait 5 minutes after the meeting time before departing for the hike, so please be on time.
Spaces are limited, so if you RSVP for a hike and do not show up, you may be removed from this group.
Spaces are limited, so if you are bringing someone else, make sure they are added in the RSVP, and the previous rule will again apply.
The organizer does not arrange carpooling, but messages can be left on the event page enquiring about carpooling from other attendees.
The organizer has the right to decline to hike with you if you show up unprepared. Prepared means not just physical ability but adequate footwear and supplies (never wear sandals for a hike).

Legal Stuff - Liabilities, Obligations and Responsibilities
We are a group composed of volunteers. We are NOT a professional organization or pro trail guides and/or pro event organizers. However, as a group of friends and acquaintances, we will look out for each other. The organizer and any/all assistant organizers and other attendees are in no way responsible and liable for your personal safety and health state, before, during and at anytime after this event. By RSVPing "Yes", for this event, you acknowledge that you fully understand and accept the aforementioned conditions and following event attendance conditions and, you are solely responsible for your own health, safety and well-being before, during and at anytime after the event as stated previously. All attendees shall forever hold harmless the organizers and other attendees and unconditionally waive any liabilities resulting from attending and/or participating in this event.

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