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Morrowmount (The Return)- Difficult/Long Day

Calgary Nature Lovers
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May 20 6:00AM - 9:00PM


In signing up for this hike you will be automatically placed on a waitlist. IF you have NEVER hiked with me before, please answer all the RSVP questions so we can determine together whether this is an appropriate hike for you to join. The answers and discussion after will be the deciding factors of gaining a spot on the go list. My goal is to get as many people out to the mountains as possible, but also be fair to those who are signing up well equipped, capable, and having certain expectations for the hike.



-No JEANS, or COTTON clothing

-Hiking boots (wear different shoes and socks to the trail)


-A proper backpack

-****Clothing layers for changing conditions (expect the unexpected)***

-****Carry a toque, *multiple* pairs of gloves/mitts, neck tube/scarf***

-Spare socks

-Waterproof jacket/rain pant

-Personal first aid kit

-Headlamp AND spare batteries for it

-Emergency blanket (bivvy sack) and fire starting materials

-High energy snack food for quick energy top up and a big lunch PLUS. #BRING A LOT OF FOOD FOR THIS ONE#

-Minimum 3 liters of water plus electrolyte replacement, Gatorade, Coconut Water etc.

-UV *eye protection* AND sunscreen


-Hiking poles

-Hand/Toe warmers

-Whistle/Signaling mirror

-Ski Goggles

It is very difficult for me to tell people NO, but without the above gear it is not safe for a person to join putting themselves, and the whole group at risk. I will have no choice other than to turn you away if you do not show up properly prepared. Please do not put me in a position of having to do that :( .

Morrowmount (The Return)

It's a struggle to find something completely snow free and I feel like something EPIC so Morrowmount (The Return) seems like about the best choice. This will be a long and painful day, but anything worthy is never easy. There is still some question about conditions, and I am sure we will find some tricky/snowy parts of Jura creek that will be challenging, but as I recall from my first trip out here... there were not many ticks ;).

Consider all the following carefully... it is a minmum 21km's, with gains of over 1000 meters. Depending on the group we will be on trail anywhere from 9-13 hours, and the walk out Jura creek after an already long hike can be quite tedious and make you feel like the world is coming to an end.

There is a chance there may be too much snow, though I don't think so, but if there is and conditions are too dangerous we will abort the trip. Please keep that in mind if you are signing on. We should all carry MICROSPIKES as they will more than likely be used at some point.

Carry A LOT of water and food for this one and we will take regular breaks.

If things go well, we may explore the ridgeline around the summit and or seek an alternate way down to the creek.
Times are APPROX, if you need to be back in the city at a particular time, its best to sit this one out.

Car pool $10.

Joining this hike is like joining a team, and we are all necessary as part of that team. Looking out for each other, helping someone get through spots they may be struggling with, slowing down to spend time with people that may travel a little slower, enjoying the beauty of life outdoors, the mountains, sharing fantastic experiences with amazing people, and taking lots of or posing for awesome pictures is what my hikes are all about. If getting to the summit and back as fast as you can is more important, that is ok; this hike just may not be a good fit for you.


Michael JC

What we are doing out here is dangerous, by registering for this hike you signify that you are aware of the risks associated with nature hiking, snowshoeing, avalanche hazards, scrambling/rock fall hazards, wildlife encounters, ticks as well as carpooling. You are aware of your physical limits, and how they relate to these activities. You also signify that you take full responsibility for your own safety. We are volunteers, not paid guides. While we will do our best to ensure that everyone returns safe and sound, you do not hold the organizer of the event or the organizers of this group responsible for any harm that might occur as a result of your participation.

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